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The Crazy Medicine team
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directed by Richie Moore
produced by James Newman
edited by Jesse Maddox

written by
Matt Carrell
based on his original story

 in alphabetical order
Libby Jennings is Emily Davidson
John Marengo is the Journalist
Michael New is the Detective
Jon Samson is the Tourist
Kate Tiger is Mamasan
Chris Wegoda is Daeng
Maythavee Weiss is Dah

Also - Jesse Maddox as the Dealer, Roseanna Marshman as Sasha, Chantree Boonkasem as Dah's sister and Mark Brooks and Tom Earls as Dah's customers.

Our thanks to:
Black Pagoda - Patpong, Thailand
a unique entertainment venue and key filming location
Aardwolfe Books
publisher of Thai Lottery and the original Crazy Medicine story
Photos by
Eric Nelson 
Tom Vater

Trailer byMatt George Lovett

Additional artwork by Lindsay Willmott

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